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The South Australian Seed Savers is a network of people who wish to receive/give information about Seed Saving for edible plants (or companion plants). Offers of excess Seed / Produce, sharing information on Seed Saving techniques, local bio-regional data, organic gardening methods and local events are greatly valued

Seedy Sundays

We have two Seedy Sundays each year, in the spring and the autumn.  The photograph to the right is from our Autumn 2005 Seedy Sunday Seed Sharing table.
Seedy Sundays usually consist of garden visits, seed sharing, seed saving workshops etc.
The next Seedy Sunday will be on Sunday 6 April 2008.  See "Seedy Sundays" in the left hand navigation bar for more details. 

SA Seed Savers Emailing Group

As a way of "networking" with one another we have an emailing group, where people can post information about sharing excess seed, enquiry about availability of seed and about growing food/saving seed. 


If you would like to be a member of our emailing group please email your request to theother66 @

Contacting SA Seed Savers

8359 6781
0400 732 270

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